Please note that as of July 1, 2015 OWECC no longer has a chaplain on staff due to financial constraints.  Although our office is no longer at the same place, our mail can continue to be directed to 1061 Pinecrest Road, Ottawa, ON. K2B 6B7.  Our office phone is currently disconnected, but if you need to reach someone from OWECC you may call Neil Hunter.  The Clothes Closet which was operating out of All Saints Lutheran Church has also closed.

The Ottawa West End Community Chaplaincy (OWECC) is an ecumenical, grassroots-based Christian community chaplaincy presence in the multicultural, multifaith communities in “West End Ottawa” generally referred to as the Pinecrest Queensway area, and especially the associated housing communities in Foster Farm, Morrison Gardens, Pinecrest Terrace and Regina Towers. We (OWECC) are comprised of both the people in these neighborhoods and the people from the surrounding supporting faith communities. OWECC participants seek together to discover ways to support and reach out through spiritual care, counseling and related activities. It also seeks to bridge, through support, education and advocacy, the chasm which tends to exist in our current society.

OWECC is supported financially by supporting groups, organizations, and religious congregations that share concerns created by the effects of poverty as they present themselves in these neighborhoods. OWECC is a nonprofit charitable organization and is governed by a working board/council.

Our Vision and Mission

We seek to live an inclusive expression of community throughout the multicultural, multi-faith neighborhoods of the West Ottawa. We serve by providing a ‘ministry of presence’ that accompanies people who live daily with the challenges of poverty, isolation, mental & physical health barriers, addictions and underemployment. We provide a compassionate outreach attentive to the needs and hopes of individuals and neighborhood communities. In dialogue with people we desire to explore the possibility of social change and transformation that empowers hope and more abundant living.

Our Neighborhoods

As a Community, the Chaplaincy is here to support people who are struggling with everyday concerns and transitions created by the changing economic times and the onset of crisis. Support comes in a variety of forms, including neighborhood activities, individual support, communal celebrations and crisis management. We also accompany people in the process of reflecting on significant life issues in the face of sometimes overwhelming political, social, and economic barriers.

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A research team led by Professor Choi and Jeong from The Catholic University of Korea performed a cross-sectional study on randomly selected citizens in Asan-Si, Korea. The authors assessed persistent gastrointestinal symptoms, utilizing a Rome II centered questionnaire. HRQOL was assessed using the Korean version of the SF-36. Of the 1807 eligible subjects, 1417 had been surveyed, with a face-to-encounter interview. Related StoriesScripps Florida researchers win $2.4 million to broaden development of new pain therapiesThe prevalence of gastroesophageal reflux disease , defined as heartburn and/or acid regurgitation experienced at least weekly, was 3.5. The prevalence of uninvestigated dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation, defined by Rome II requirements was 11.7 percent, 2.2 percent, and 2.6 percent, respectively. Continue reading

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Bacterial communities inside all of us can provide better knowledge of disease and health The amount of bacteria living in the body of the common healthy adult individual are estimated to outnumber individual cells 10 to at least one 1 . Changes in these microbial communities could be responsible for digestion disorders, skin illnesses, gum disease and also obesity. Despite their essential imporance in human health insurance and disease, these communities residing within us stay generally unstudied and a concerted analysis effort must be designed to better understand them, state experts today at the 108th General Getting together with of the American Culture for Microbiology in Boston. Continue reading

This is not speculative or subjective.

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The experts at the Millennium Institutes Brain Dynamics Center in Westmead.

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American Medical Response.

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