The Ottawa West Community Chaplaincy is active in the four neighbourhoods: Foster Farm, Morrison Gardens, Pinecrest Terrace and Regina Towers. Our goal is to offer Christian spirituality to those who, for various reasons, would not attend a local church.

If you reside in, or a moving into, one of the above neighbourhoods and would like to join our spiritual family, regardless of your religious background just call us at 613 909-1403 to speak to Naomi or Elizabeth. There will be no cost or obligation whatsoever.  Here are only a few comments your neighbours have said of OWECC ……….


provides friendship, emotional and spiritual support and a safe place to gather.

has given me a sense of belonging, where I am welcomed and received.

offers opportunities to grow socially and help others do the same.

has given me my dignity that I never had; support and listening ears and shoulders to lean on.

lets you be who you are, never puts you down or judges you or criticizes you.

brings people together. I have found comfort, friendship and caring and the joy of being together.

has given me a sense of self and lifelong friendships that will sustain me through crises and trials.

has given me confidence I lacked before.

Allows me to be an active and valued member where I am listened to and heard