Bjond raises $3.

‘With BjondHealth, healthcare payers and suppliers can increase efficiency in care administration while reducing medical costs and enhancing sufferers' lives.’ ‘Health care faces mounting pressure to supply top quality care at considerably lower cost. BjondHealth allows payers and providers to provide efficient treatment and help chronically ill individuals remain healthy while extracting worth from legacy care administration systems,’ stated David Blauer, Bjond CEO. ‘Empowering sufferers to engage within their wellness improves outcomes and assists control costs; that is priority one for health care leaders. That is the fresh finding from a report greater than 3,000 Group Health sufferers published online on June 16 in advance of the British Medical Journal’s June 20 printing issue.The survey shows that even with the advancements in treatment within the last decade, medications still hinder affected individual quality of life because of the persistent unwanted effects, such as nausea, fatigue, vomiting and headaches. From a patient’s perspective, not merely will the prevalence of side effects weigh heavy on their minds if they refill their prescription on a monthly basis, however the constant reminder of the condition and its limitations, helps it be almost impossible to flee its reality. Actually, 43 percent of the respondents admitted to experiencing more frequent depressed or blue periods, while 1 in 5 patients are currently treated for depression.