These previous land-grant universities have generally mutated into pro-sector

Big Ag, Monsanto dominate research universities and convert them into pro-industry propaganda machines Back the days of the past before meals and agricultural corporations consolidated in to the behemoths we realize them as today, agricultural institutions of higher learning were focused on conducting unbiased research into cutting-edge meals production and crop systems that benefited society all together . But today, these previous ‘land-grant’ universities have generally mutated into pro-sector, propaganda devices funded and managed by corporate agro-giants like Monsanto that steer study efforts and only genetically-altered and chemical-centered crop systems. In a scathing indictment of the sinister, and growing rapidly, type of agricultural fascism, Tom Philpott from Mom Jones dissects a recently available Food & Water View report where it really is openly disclosed that corporate agriculture and the pharmaceutical market have fundamentally bought out agricultural analysis education as we realize it.

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Image: Wikipedia.. THE UNITED STATES National Institutes of Health this week added three more human embryonic stem cell lines to its registry of lines qualified to receive federal funding. But make sure to browse the fine print before you begin ordering these cells on your own experiments. The stem cell range also cannot donate to making entire embryos by any technique. Both other cell lines received the go-ahead without the catches. December In, Collins authorized the first 40 lines on the list, but 27 of the also was included with the limitation that they could just be utilized to review diabetes-related pancreatic cells.