Bush: Bird Flu Is Global Threat A flu pandemic would cause massive disruptions lasting for months.

Bush’s White Home homeland security adviser. But if that happens, we will need immediate action to prevent or to gradual the spread of the disease, she added. In related developments: Spurred by concerns about bird flu, lawmakers voted Wednesday to block chicken prepared in China from getting into the United States. The prohibition is component of a $94 billion spending bill for food and agriculture applications that cleared a residence subcommittee and now would go to the full Appropriations Committee. The Bush administration got stated last month that it could allow poultry processed in China, as long as it comes from birds slaughtered and raised in the United States. Agriculture Division officials said the meat would be fully prepared and perfectly safe.Right after paying your good and serving just a little jail time, I’m sure your solutions will maintain high demand at all of the top drug businesses that require yet more ‘scientific’ research to end up being fabricated and submitted to the medical journals. You might be a dishonest, disgusting human being to many of the world, but you’re an enormous asset to the pharmaceutical sector plus they need you back again! There are more research that require to be fabricated quickly; more fake papers that require to be released and more threatening drugs that want to receive FDA authorization.