America doesnt have a shortage of doctors.

Cancer doesn’t just happen overnight, you know. It takes many years for a tumor to develop to the size where it can be detected on a mammogram. Meanwhile, doctors and medical personnel are bombarding your breasts with radiation every year, practically guaranteeing that you’ll end up getting breast cancer in your 60’s unless you die from another thing first. Am I saying that government-run healthcare is out to eliminate you? Not exactly. But they sure aren’t trying to maintain you alive, either. Mainstream medicine is the real killerYou know what the No. 1 killer in America is? It’s not cancer. Not heart disease. Not strokes, terrorism or accidents. The No. 1 reason behind death in the us is mainstream medicine, which kills from 250 anywhere,000 to over 750,000 people a year, depending on whose statistics you think.In the late 1990s, registered nurses were leaving the country ‘in droves,’ which prompted Ann Phoya, the former mind of nursing services in Malawi and other Ministry of Health members to apply for approximately $160 million, from the Department for International Development of the U primarily.K., for a six-12 months initiative, according to CNN. The amount of money was used to increase nurses’ salaries, and ‘the amount of registered nurses leaving Malawi fell from a high of 111 in 2001 to simply six in the first half of 2008.