Can hantavirus infection pass on among humans?

Can hantavirus infection pass on among humans? This raises the relevant question of whether this contagion can spread among humans. In Sweden, a kind of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome called nephropathia epidemica occurs primarily in the northern parts of the country. It is a zoonosis, that’s, an infectious disease which are transmitted between animals and humans whenever a bank vole, for instance, releases Puumala hantavirus via its saliva, urine, and feces. Normally humans become infected by breathing in dust polluted by virus from bank vole secretions or by direct contact with the pet.If the device gets near a magnet, it temporarily goes into ‘magnet mode’ and may disrupt what could be a life-saving electrical pulse. Chien stated she got the theory for the new study when noticing people holding their tablets close to their chests. She turned to her father Walter after that, a cardiologist, who helped her arrange lab tests on his patients. For the study, 26 patients with ICDs held an iPad 2 at a typical reading distance, and were asked to place the tablet on the chests. That was to mimic the normal situation of falling asleep while reading an iPad, according to Chien. When placed on their chests, thirty % of the individuals’ products went into magnet mode. Chien also provided the check to four individuals with pacemakers and one with a center device known as a loop recorder, but simply no interference was experienced by them.