Its an extraordinary therapy thats easy to take.

That’s right. The total results of a large, new study show that men who frequently drank coffee had a lower risk of developing any prostate tumor, especially the kind probably to kill. The new study, conducted by Harvard School of Public Health scientists, was simply published in the online edition of the Journal of of the National Cancer tumor Institute. Of course, if you drink an excessive amount of caffeinated coffee, you can feel anxious, jittery, have difficulty falling at night and have even heart palpitations asleep. And should you misuse java by gulping down cup after glass of the stuff to maintain working or playing whenever your body needs a rest, you may end up exhausting your adrenal glands, too. But in moderation, coffee isn’t just safe for most people but could be beneficial. For example, researchers have found there is definitely something in this historic and natural drink that may protect against a bunch of ills, including Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, liver cancer and cirrhosis.It could be found all over Latin America, from Mexico and Central America to Paraguay and Argentina, he writes, adding, For pregnant ladies, why is Chagas disease especially harmful is that it can be passed to their unborn children, causing highly lethal congenital infections. Related StoriesBoston Children's Medical center selects Vijay G. Hotez cites newly released prevalence statistics for Spain, which he calls really scary, and proceeds, We desperately need fresh and better treatments. Most women that are pregnant with Chagas disease go undiagnosed. He discusses a medication and a vaccine in development currently, highlights a tropical disease clinic founded in Houston, Texas, through a partnership with Baylor College of Texas and Medication Medical Center, where he acts as dean, and concludes, Our wish is that between the clinic and our vaccine development activities we can help pregnant women today and make sure this disease is background before they are grandmothers .