Be happy and you will be more successful Analysis from the U.

When people feel content, they have a tendency to feel confident, energetic and optimistic, and others see them likeable and sociable. Happy folks are thus able to reap the benefits of these perceptions. Dr Lyubomirsky and her co-authors, Laura King, of the University of Missouri-Columbia, and Ed Diener, of the University of Illinois and The Gallup Organisation, reviewed 225 study papers on pleasure that protected 293 samples and 275,000 people and computed 313 significant findings. The authors discovered that cheerful job candidates were much more likely to protected interviews also to be evaluated even more positively after they got a work. They also were less inclined to present burn-out and much more likely to possess jobs with autonomy, meaning and variety... Burgess bill important stage toward ensuring seniors get needed health care Rep. Michael C. Burgess, MD. took a significant step toward changing the flawed Medicare doctor payment formula with the launch of the Medicare Physician Payment Reform Bill and Quality Improvement Act of 2006. This expenses is a major step toward ensuring healthcare gain access to for seniors, said Cecil B. Wilson, MD, American Medical Association Panel Chair.