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April 10 published.

Canada tackles growing obesity epidemic The first-ever Canadian Clinical Practice Suggestions on the Management and Prevention of Obesity in Adults and Children, april 10 published, 2007 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal , recommend that waist circumference be measured in all Canadian adults, and a national surveillance system be developed that incorporates this measurement along with height and weight. This represents a landmark publication, as Canada may be the first country in the globe to create comprehensive evidence-based guidelines to address the management and prevention of overweight and obesity in adults and children http://levitradanmark.com/rejsningsproblem . Continue reading

Preventing those cells from dying after a stroke.

The researchers searched databases comprising genomic data for a microRNA that appeared to possess potential to influence production of MRP1. MicroRNAs bind to messenger RNA, which provides the actual set of instructions for building proteins. When that connection is made, however, the microRNA inhibits the building of proteins from messenger RNA. Therefore an inverse relationship is present between a microRNA and a proteins it controls. The researchers saw this very romantic relationship in the cell study where they manipulated the applicant microRNA levels and observed the effects of changing those levels on the current presence of the MRP1 protein. Finally, the experts compared mice that were treated with TCT health supplements or corn oil as a control for 13 weeks before a stroke was induced. Continue reading