Please note that as of July 1, 2015 OWECC no longer has a chaplain on staff due to financial constraints.  Although our office is no longer at the same place, our mail can continue to be directed to 1061 Pinecrest Road, Ottawa, ON. K2B 6B7.  Our office phone is currently disconnected, but if you need to reach someone from OWECC you may call Neil Hunter.  The Clothes Closet which was operating out of All Saints Lutheran Church has also closed.

The Ottawa West End Community Chaplaincy (OWECC) is an ecumenical, grassroots-based Christian community chaplaincy presence in the multicultural, multifaith communities in “West End Ottawa” generally referred to as the Pinecrest Queensway area, and especially the associated housing communities in Foster Farm, Morrison Gardens, Pinecrest Terrace and Regina Towers. We (OWECC) are comprised of both the people in these neighborhoods and the people from the surrounding supporting faith communities. OWECC participants seek together to discover ways to support and reach out through spiritual care, counseling and related activities. It also seeks to bridge, through support, education and advocacy, the chasm which tends to exist in our current society.

OWECC is supported financially by supporting groups, organizations, and religious congregations that share concerns created by the effects of poverty as they present themselves in these neighborhoods. OWECC is a nonprofit charitable organization and is governed by a working board/council.

Our Vision and Mission

We seek to live an inclusive expression of community throughout the multicultural, multi-faith neighborhoods of the West Ottawa. We serve by providing a ‘ministry of presence’ that accompanies people who live daily with the challenges of poverty, isolation, mental & physical health barriers, addictions and underemployment. We provide a compassionate outreach attentive to the needs and hopes of individuals and neighborhood communities. In dialogue with people we desire to explore the possibility of social change and transformation that empowers hope and more abundant living.

Our Neighborhoods

As a Community, the Chaplaincy is here to support people who are struggling with everyday concerns and transitions created by the changing economic times and the onset of crisis. Support comes in a variety of forms, including neighborhood activities, individual support, communal celebrations and crisis management. We also accompany people in the process of reflecting on significant life issues in the face of sometimes overwhelming political, social, and economic barriers.

Amedica secures US patent for novel hip implant Amedica Company.

Amedica secures US patent for novel hip implant Amedica Company, a spinal and orthopaedic implant and device manufacturer focused on unique silicon nitride ceramic technologies, today that it’s been granted United States Patent Zero announced. 7,695,521 covering its novel hip implant featuring a monoblock ceramic acetabular cup for use in articulating joints for total joint replacement problem med ed . Regarding to Ben Shappley, Chief Executive Officer, Director and President of Amedica, the initial ceramic manufacturing capacity for the technology will help surgeons to obtain more successful outcomes in restoring individual function, allowing individuals to return to effective and pain-free lives. Amedica is normally a full-line manufacturer and provider of silicon nitride ceramic systems that are found in spinal implant applications. Continue reading

And a primary group in Penn.

There is also shown they are likely involved in inflammatory disease, when the body's disease fighting capability is too dynamic. In animal research, group-2 innate lymphoid cells confer immunity throughout a parasitic contamination in mice and so are also involved with allergic airway inflammation. A team of Perelman College of Medicine, experts from the Departments of Medication, Microbiology, Laboratory and Pathology Medicine, and Tumor Biology, discovered that maturation of ILC2s requires T-cell element 1 to go forward. Continue reading

Accreditation signifies that national standards for framework.

The class had a completely residency match rate that included outstanding educational programs within Florida as well as Ivy League academic hospitals including Harvard , Yale , Dartmouth and Brown . April In, FAU's medical school celebrated its initial commencement ceremony. Related StoriesCHOP's Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Treatment celebrates grand openingHealthcare technology public event of the year opens entriesNew UCLA research looks at primary care medical house in reducing childrens' repeat appointments to hospitalsFAU's College of Medication selected its inaugural class out of more than 1,500 applicants, and has received 4,372 applications for 64 positions in the incoming course of 2015. Continue reading

Americans drink 8 million gallons of water in bottles every year approximately.

Ban Plastic Water Bottles Bottled water is normally taken into consideration to be a wholesome option to drinking plain plain tap water. In reality, Americans drink 8 million gallons of water in bottles every year approximately. While bottled water happens to be a better choice than carbonated drinks or sports beverages which contain high fructose corn syrup, water in bottles is not a great choice for the wellbeing of the planet earth . Here are a few of medical and environmental issues connected with consuming bottled water. Continue reading

Also in global wellness news: Kenya HIV/AIDS.

Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Board Business and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. Also in global wellness news: Kenya HIV/AIDS; Uganda bill; water project in Philippines; U.N. Appeal for Yemen U.S. Pledges $26.5M More than 4 Years To Battle HIV/AIDS In Kenya U.S. On Wednesday announced the U Ambassador Michael Ranneberger.S. Would provide $26.5 million between 2009 and 2013 to fight HIV/AIDS in Kenya, the Daily Country reports . In related news, the typical reports the Kenyan authorities will be start the gradual phase out of the antiretroviral drug, Stavudine, which may cause adverse unwanted effects .com reviews. Continue reading

As antibiotics continue to fail.

As antibiotics continue to fail, use garlic instead to kill MRSA and superbugs Garlic has been utilized as an antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal for centuries. But most probably contemplate it a lightweight, outdated folk medication against serious bacterial attacks. Antibiotics gave contemporary allopathic pharmaceuticals an illusion of legitimacy from 1928, when penicillin was found out, until today . So the mindset became why work with that nasty tasting foul smelling garlic stuff when you could pop some antibiotic pills or be injected with the latest new miracle medication that seemed to work very well without very much fuss. Continue reading

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners starts U.

Catalyst expects initial top-line results of the Phase II scientific trial to be accessible during the summer of 2008. About CPP-109 CPP-109 functions by inhibiting an enzyme that normally breaks down gamma amino butyric acid , a dopamine-modulating neurotransmitter. The resulting excess GABA suppresses the upsurge in dopamine release due to cocaine. All addictive drugs elevate dopamine amounts in the proper parts of the brain associated with prize and reinforcement. It is thought that this reinforcing effect may be the primary biochemical description for addiction. CPP-109 indirectly keeps dopamine amounts in the normal range without impairing regular dopamine-based mechanisms. Continue reading

As was the case in Brazil lately when criminals stole 55 a great deal of corn from a moving train.

When all was said and carried out, the thieves could actually successfully lift about 55 a great deal of corn from the teach before it reached the interface which, predicated on current corn prices, is definitely valued at roughly $15,000. The same teach was carrying sugar, but reports usually do not indicate set up thieves took this staple crop also. Back March, NaturalNews protected the potential collapse of American agriculture because of the drying up of drinking water aquifers ( That is simply one of the countless causes adding to the decline of agriculture both in america and all over the world. Continue reading

Leading childrens hospitals are setting up Toshiba America Medical Systems other trade name.

Aquilion ONE 320-detector row CT program reduces radiation exposure When pediatric patients are imaged using CT, reducing radiation and sedation dose while maintaining the perfect image quality is paramount in delivering care other trade name . To supply patients with high-quality CT examinations and a reduction in radiation and sedation dosage, leading children’s hospitals are setting up Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. Designed with the pediatric marketplace at heart, the Aquilion ONE captures up to 16 cm within a rotation of 0.35 seconds, decreasing the amount of radiation a patient receives and lessening the necessity for sedation. Continue reading

And enhancers to boost the potency of proteins.

This may lead to the chance of more medicines being administered successfully by inhaler, than simply by tablet or injection rather. Meanwhile, the team can be creating a process which runs on the occurring substance to improve the absorption of insulin naturally. Initial research suggest insulin is certainly absorbed 3 to 4 times better by this process. Right now Dr Birchall and his colleague Dr Glyn Taylor of The Pulmonary Analysis Group try to combine the two improvements to prolong and maximise the absorption impact. ‘Both of these technologies could make an enormous improvement in the potency of spray inhalers for users experiencing an array of illnesses and circumstances,’ said Dr Birchall.. Asthma and diabetics could benefit nano-particle analysis Patients experiencing conditions as diverse seeing that asthma and diabetes could reap the benefits of research in Cardiff University to boost the effectiveness of medications taken through spray inhalers. Continue reading